Tendeur de gaine JAGWIRE Pro Indexed Blanc

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Pro indexed


Tendeurs de Gaine Jagwire ThinLine Adjuster Blanc

Ces tendeurs permettent un réglage précis de la tension des câbles de dérailleur

Pro indexed inline adjuster


  • État du produit : Neuf
  • Fabricant : JAGWIRE

jagwire ajusteur tendeur indexation


Ajustement en plein vol

Jagwire's tried and true inline adjusters can be found on millions of bikes from the Coast of America to China and everywhere in between. Giving riders easy and safe access for the derailleur adjustments the need to make on the fly. From the ingenious Rocket to the all new sleek and stylish J2, Jagwire makes adjustments easy.

4.0mm Shift housing

NOT recommended for use with brake systems


+ Pour gaine 4mm

+ Matière : Aluminium

+ Couleur : Blanc



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